Make Money Driving Your Local Route

Driving for Dollars is a real estate investment strategy that involves physically driving to find potential investment opportunities. Since you are already driving, all you have to do is mark the properties that look like they are in distress.

Here's How It Works

Drive and Look for Signs of Distress

  • Broken or Boarded Windows
  • Roofs with holes or tarps
  • Overgrown lawns or shubbery

Send Over Property Info

  • You can do this via the App that we will set you up with

Get Paid

  • If we buy a house based off of the information you gave us, we'll give you $1,000

About Big Mike’s Properties

My name is Mike, born and raised right here in Texas. I’m married and have 5 great kids. I started this company back in 2019 working with my grandparents. My goal as a real estate investor is to help people who are in distress out of their situation. Driving for Dollars is one of the ways that you can help me reach the people I'm looking for.